General questions
No monthly fee will be charged upon Merchants on Cartsini platform. Only 5% or RM2.50 (whichever is higher) will be charged on every successful transaction on Cartsini platform.

Example: If a total RM100 worth of goods purchased by a customer, RM5 will be charged to Merchant on every successful transaction.
Cost of shipping will borne by the customer. In Cartsini payment system, Merchant can choose whether the cost of delivery is calculated separately OR the price of the product includes the cost of sale price.
For products listed in the platform, Merchant need to update the quantity of stock available, or Merchant can also indicate if the product is available on pre-order basis.
Payment will be made weekly after the product have been received by the buyer in good condition. Merchant need to update the order status in the system.
The consignment note must be filled and managed by the Merchant, including pick-up time and location by the courier. Our officers will be available to assist Merchant if there are any difficulties.